Reader Comments

Below are some of the comments I've received from readers.  The feedback from these and other individuals has motivated me to continue working on this free resource.

"Folks, I would HIGHLY recommend reading Bill's online book of digital photography found here: http://www.digitalbirdphotography.com/.   I was not aware of this online book until today and I have to say that I am very impressed! While pretty technical the content is excellent, very well informed and covers digital photography IN DEPTH!  Well worth the read!"

~Juan, professional nature photographer (October, 2009)

"Thanks so much for your excellent online work 'Secrets of Digital Bird Photography,' which I stumbled upon a few days ago.  It is the only end-to-end treatment of digital bird photography I have seen (I'm very familiar with Artie Morris' work, BPN, etc.) and the free online access just blows me away.  As a retired engineer and professor, I especially appreciate your systematic scientific approach to digital imaging, your practical comments on Canon and Nikon gear, technique, and your outstanding photos.  Thanks again for a job very well done."

~Keith, professor emeritus (November 2009)

"I reviewed your book on bird photography and will have to say maybe the best I've ever read, and I've read a lot of books on bird photography including The Art of Bird Photography by Arthur Morris.   My hat is off to you for posting your book for everyone to read free, plus everything you have posted. We need more photographers like you to share their experiences and how to do things. Your images from Fla. were outstanding."

~Gene in NC (November 2009)

"I just wanted to send you a note and express the enjoyment and wonderful information I am getting from reading your book on bird photography thus far. I will strongly consider purchasing a print edition when it is available so please put me on your mailing list.  I believe this is a unique piece of work because I have read several photography books and a few bird photography books and none have been as thorough as yours in providing quite a bit of scientific background information about the workings of a camera's auto focus system, sensor technology, and what noise is all about."

~Alan (March 2010)

"I'm reading Secrets of Digital Bird Photography on line.  It is fantastic.  And, this is the fan letter part, I think your photos are the best I've seen on the internet.  I am on carolinabirds, etc., and get your e-mails.  Please keep sending them out.  I take photos of birds as well and hope to be in your league someday, though not in the same ballpark."

~Phil (June, 2011)

"Just a quick note to say that I enjoy your web book immensely and think that 'you the man' when it comes to digital bird photography.  Please can I be placed on the waiting list for a signed copy of the forthcoming book and can I offer you a donation via paypal"

~Keith (June, 2011)

"I have been looking at your Bird Photography website and I want to ask you how much is one of your books The Pocket Guide to Digital Bird Photography and do you think you will every publish the full version book in paper.  I am truly blown away at the information that you have.  I collect nature photography books and would absolutely love to have one of you copies.  You are a great photographer, again beautiful book."

~Troy (June, 2011)

"First I’d like to say Thank You very much for all the great information you have provided in you Secretes of Digital Bird Photography. I can imagine how much time has gone into this since my wife and I co-authored a book. This is truly a great resource for all bird photographers. I have picked up many helpful things."

~Doug (June, 2011)

"I don’t remeber how, but I found your page 2 days ago and it’s so full of good and excelent information, I start reading and have not stopped yet.  Just excelent.  Thanks for sharing all your experience and findings."

~Hector (June, 2011)

"Please put me on the waiting list for a signed book if possible.  Your work on Digital Bird Photography is amazing to say the least. Thank you making it available for free online.  I would love to have a copy of the entire book. Is it possible for you to reduce this to a downloadable PDF file?"

~Hayden (June, 2011)

"Your on-line book is by far one of the best I have found.  Thank you very much for making it available.  I will be sending you a donation because I can't even imagine the time it took to write."

~Laura (June, 2011)

"I accidentally stumbled across your Secrets of Digital Bird Photography book.  Wow, I'm impressed!  I wish that had been available when I started out shooting birds."

~Frank (June, 2011)

"I am a novice at bird photography but professional optical engineer with with years of experience in lens design. This book does a great job of bringing technical concepts into the field."

~Richard (May, 2011)

"I would just like to thank you for this great free information. I have recently taken up bird photography and find this information extremely valuable and very well written.  Do you have a bank acc that I may transfer a donation."

~Peter (May, 2011)

"I am reading your online book, very good book, thanks for share this information. I live in Mexico, in PAchuca city of HIdalgo state, when you wish watch cloud forest birds, you can visit my home, you are welcome."
~Raul from Mexico (March 2010)

"I have been searching for a great website to explain the basics of bird photography for a while, and stumbled upon yours just recently and just wanted to tell you it is absolutely fantastic! Very clear, very easy to follow, and it answers all my questions.  I will definitely end up buying the book when it comes out because it is that great. Thanks so much! And keep up the great work!"

~Max (March 2010)

"Have enjoyed reading your 'work in progress.' It is already the best digital photography book I’ve ever read and I anxiously await its completion!"
~Jeff in NC (December, 2009)

I have started reading the long, on line version of the book and I am mesmerized!!!  It is more than outstanding, it is amazing!!!

~Nick (April, 2011)

I have been into bird photography for a couple of years now and am still a rank amateur but I truly enjoy doing this.  Your online book is the absolute best source of info on the subject I have found – online or in book.  I couldn’t believe what I had stumbled into while looking for information on the use of flash with bird photography.  I have seen nothing that is nearly as comprehensive, yet practical.  You explain things in a straightforward and down to earth manner.  The material is very easy to read and the photos are very helpful as well as a joy to view.  I can’t imagine how much work went into this.  You can tell that you really love photographing birds.  Thanks for doing this.  I am mailing a small contribution to help with the website expenses and look forward to purchasing one of your books.

~Rick (January, 2011)

It would seem you have produced perhaps the most thoroughly detailed text on photography I've ever seen.  I taught photography at a community college for a few years and relied on Upton and London, but view your work as much superior.

~John (January, 2011)

Came across the manual yesterday, and have already found several chapters that I'm positive are going to make my images so much better.  I would happily pay for a book this well done, so please don't give up on that idea.  Anyhow, thank you so much for the time and effort you've put into this project.  Given how well it's done, I know it's been a labor of love and to offer it to us as you have, is the greatest gift.

~Anne (January, 2011)

I would like to congratulate you on what is certainly the most comprehensive title on bird photography I have encountered.

~Justen (December, 2010)

I recently discovered your wonderful web site and published the link on the nature photography forum I follow, in Italy... I hope you will notice an increase in hits (and maybe some donations) from our country. You deserve it!

~Diego (December, 2010)

I googled for help, and came across your absolutely unbelievable site.   Two hours later, I'm writing to say thank you!  Your photos are absolutely amazing. Your breadth of knowledge and your willingness to share it, are heartwarming.  You've put together a remarkably well-written and comprehensive treatise. I've got it bookmarked and will be referring to it often.

~Al (December, 2010)

Please add me to the waiting list for your book. I just discovered the full-length e version today & know it will become my “Bible”. Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge & experience…. Very refreshing in today’s world!

~Debbi (May, 2011)

I just first want to thank you for providing all this information free....quite outstanding and I'm learning so much.

~Nichola (May, 2011)

I have been through the free version on the internet and you have really captured and informed us the reader on how to capture the true flight of the birds.  I live in South Africa and would really like a singed copy if possible.

~Maria (May, 2011)

I would love to be placed on the waiting list to purchase (hopefully) a signed copy of your new book. For now I will wait patiently and enjoy your online version… Thanks so much

~Jeff (April, 2011)

I'm interested in your pocket book "Secrets of Digital Bird Photography.  Please place me on the list.  Your work is stunning.

~Pamela (April, 2011)

Please put me on the waiting list for your new pocket guide.  Secrets of Bird Photography is an excellent work. Thank you for sharing your talent and skills.

~John (April, 2011)

I firstly want to congratulate you on putting together a wonderful Book.  I am currently reading my way through every page.  Put me down as a definite purchaser of your book on the day it becomes available.

~Bill (February, 2011)

I'm a fan of your work and used some of the techniques I learned in your online book ("Secrets of Digital Bird Photography") to take these pictures.  I still have much to learn and greatly appreciate folks like yourself who share their expertise so generously.

~Carl (February, 2011)

I am thoroughly enjoying your online copy and would like to have a hard copy..

~Dave (February, 2011)

I'm about half way through reading your digital bird photography tome.  Let me first say that it is quite well done and contains a wealth of information, no matter what one's level of expertise.   Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.

~Allan (February, 2011)

What a fabulous book. I sure hope you can get it printed!!

~Mike (January, 2011)

Add me to what must by now be a long list of people who would buy this book in a heartbeat.  Your photos are brilliant!  Thanks for sharing them with us.

~Cheryl (January, 2011)

"It was great to discover your online book.  With your permission, I would like to share the website with the people attending my workshop and print out one copy for display. Your work is wonderful and I think the participants would really appreciate it."
~Kathleen, park ranger (October 2009)

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the portions of your Secrets of Digital Bird Photography book that have thus far been posted.  Superb job.  I'm eagerly awaiting the chapter on using an external flash, the most recent update having whet my appetite.  Anyway, keep up the good work."

~Ian (August 2009)

"Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for making your wealth of knowledge on bird photography available to the masses.  Your presentation is very informative and easy to follow."

~Syd (January 2010)

"... all of the 'drop dead' photos you have taken of hawks and other birds and animals. I have visited your site in the past. I cannot begin to describe the pleasure I get from viewing your photos. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

~Nancy (December 2009)

"Seeking for info about big Sigmas I discovered your site and I must say I'm impressed with it. Great work!"

~Pedro (September 2009)

"I have been reading the online book Secrets of Digital Bird Photography. I am impressed and inspired by the photgraphs you have taken. Thank you."

~Randy (December 2009)